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Hi, I'm Steven. First of all, thanks for visiting my website, and secondly, thanks for coming to this page. You don't even have a reason to be here except you're just interested.

I always wanted to make a game, little did I know I'd make a few. Everyone will tell you to "Do what you know". So, I thought, well, I know my cats. I also know a little bit about games. Why not make a game about cats. I have a group of friends that often come over to my house and we always play games, so it just made sense. Call it a bit of narcissism to want your friends to come over to play your games.

The problem was where to even start? I needed to find a publisher, manufacturer, and artist. I knew I could create rules, but I have little skill in anything else. Thankfully, The Game Crafter is a wonderful place that will build games on demand, so I didn't need to order a million copies. Just whenever someone wants a copy, they buy it and it gets made and shipped. As for the artist, I got really lucky in making a friend in Tonya who could draw the art style that I was looking for.

I wanted to make a game everyone could enjoy, but not everyone likes board games. So I made different types of card games too.  I made a board game, then a deck-building game, then a card battle game, and then I remade the board game using everything I'd learned up to that point to clean and tighten it up. 


All the available games are different enough that if a hardcore Kitty Cat CLASH! lover wants them all, they can enjoy each one for different reasons, but the theme is similar enough to not necessarily feel left out if you pick one over the other.

I hope you decide to get one of my games so you can develop a sense of the greatness that I think my cats are. I poured hundreds of hours along with sweat and tears to make Kitty Cat CLASH! a thing. If you do want to purchase one of the games, click any of the "Buy Now" links that will take you to the Game Crafter website to finalize a purchase.

Thanks, Steven Williams

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